Pop Spins Review: Scam or Legit? Is It Worth Your Time?

Welcome to my POP Spins Review.

TotallySpent’s POP Spin Review

Have you ever downloaded a game on your phone, only to find that it was a bit more than…adictive? Well, that probably would be the case with POP Spins, a free slot machine. Only with this one, you are supposedly given the chance to win money on this site.

It’s an interesting concept but not one I haven’t heard before. For example, VeryDice is an app that allows its users to roll dice and earn points that can be turned in for actual prizes (pretty good ones too!).

But I’ve also heard of useless addictive apps before, like billionaire casino. I’ve literally spent weeks watching a slot machine make spins to win…nothing but virtual coins. That’s it!

Well, POP Spins claim that they have something that you may want if you play their little games. However, I’ve heard that POP Spins might not be exactly what it seems on the surface.

After a little digging, I put together this POP Spin Review, which gives you everything you need to know about this slot machine game.

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What Is POP Spins?

POP Spins is an online slot machine game that allows players to earn spins, then use the spins to “make money”. (Yeah, those words are in quotations and you’ll find out why if you read on a bit.)

It’s supposed to be super fun, super easy and…basically useless?

Well, those are the words another blogger used to describe the site. It threw me off a little so I decided to see for myself. I went ahead and signed up.

How To Sign Up to POP Spin.

If you visit popspins.com, you’ll see this:

Apparently you can get an easy 50 free spins you sign up. I couldn’t wait to see what they were worth.

After signing up with an email address, creating a username and password, I got taken to this:

Awesome! I get 50 spins to start me off. Let’s see what happens…

Note: You are allowed only 1 account per household. Any attempts to creating more than 1 will result in the absolute ban of any current and future accounts.

How to Earn With POP Spin

To earn with POP Spin, all you have to do is earn spins by doing various tasks like completing offers, using coupon codes and other simple things. (More on this later).

I start spinning and I’m seemingly earning money. For about each spin I make $0.01. Sometimes, not often I make $0.05. Within the first 6 minutes of hitting the spin button and watching The Pursuit of Happyness in between, I’ve accumulated a total of $1.16 and no more spins.

They let me know that I’ll receive 5 free spins in an hour, for every hour, which is what the countdown in the picture represents.

Ways to Earn on POP Spin

Aside from the 5 free spins you get each hour, there are a number of ways to collect spins on POP Spin. These include

  • Completing offers
  • Clicking and browsing websites for a few seconds
  • Using coupon codes
  • Playing trivia
  • Inviting friends and family to join (as long as they don’t live in the same house)
  • And defusing bombs by…playing the lotto…

How Does POP Spin Make Money?

I’m going to go ahead and mention that about every 10 spins I would get a pop-up for something like a flash download.

Also, the ads on the site contain age 18+ content. I’m no a prude but…just saying lol.

I’m concluding that the way POP Spins makes money (because that’s the name of game for sites like these) is by inviting people to “earn by playing a slot machine”. While in between tasks and spinning to earn, you get enticed with ads and pop-ups that ultimately make them money.

Also, when signing up to free trials for their offers, there’s a good chance that you are going to be rebilled unknowingly, which also makes them money. As if that wasn’t enough, they also make it a little hard to cancel subscriptions, too. Getting unintentionally rebilled sucks, I know. So I wouldn’t even bother with the free trial offers.

How to Get Paid on POP Spin

Now here’s where things get juicy…

First of all, there is a $100 minimum threshold before cashing out. And even though simply clicking the spin button over and over again is stupid easy, getting those spins isn’t.

Weekly Paychecks to My PayPal!

That’s What I Get!

I made $1.16 with about 50 spins. That means I would have to somehow accumulate over 500 spins through tasks to reach cashout. Which reminds me…

I’m not even sure what cashout is! POP Spins never explicitly says “make money” on their site. (See why I put those words in quotations?) And when I visit my back office, I see this:

If you haven’t noticed, there are no payment options or anything to fill out for when I do reach cashout. Weird, huh?

So I went to see what others might have to say bout POP Spin and their payouts. Turns out…

When you reach the minimum payment threshold you will be able to use the winnings on website features.

This is from the POP Spin Q&A. Not entirely sure what this means…

I’m not the smartest cookie in the pack but it sounds to me as if I don’t actually receive any cash from POP Spins. Instead, I’m supposed to be able to use my “earnings” on features within the POP Spin site….whatever that means!

I’ve seen others try to say that POP Spins does payout real cash to their members. They even go as far as to post a picture showing fake PayPal earnings. I know its fake because there’s a comma instead of a decimal!

A closer look at POP Spins’ Term and Agreements gives me this:

None of credits, balances or other rewards on the Website grant you rights to real monetary value Withdrawals and should be viewed as a virtual way to track your progress. User balances do not place the Website under an obligation and can be changed or nullified by the Website at any time and without prior notice.

Basically, the money we see ourselves earning when spinning shouldn’t be looked at as actual money. Just a virtual way to keep track of what we earn.

I still don’t know how this fake money can be used though…

POP Spins: Is It Legit? Or a Scam?

POP Spins is very deceiving in my blogger’s opinion, but it isn’t a scam. But BOY! It’s sure cuts close! The line between a scam and legit is thin with this one.

For one, on the surface, it seems like an easy way to make money. Just do a few tasks, earn yourself some spins, which will earn money. Except, the word “money” is not to be taken literally in POP Spins’ case.

Which you wouldn’t know unless you’ve read the Terms and Agreement. And I mean, come on. Whoever reads those things? (Well, I did. But only to help you out!)

I personally wouldn’t proceed with this game. But that’s just me. Some people might actually find the site addictive and fun. So, maybe not knock it ’till you try it?

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Adaya Walker

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