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Times are getting rough, and these days everyone is looking to either make extra money or start their own business. The sad truth is that it’s easier said than done.

Before starting my own business I was crawling all over the web in search of money-making opportunities. One way I could always rely on to make money online was with survey sites. They didn’t make me rich, but they served their purpose in making sure I had a few extra bucks to cushion my bills.

How I Started My Own Business From Home

With Only a Laptop and Wi-Fi

To this day, I still hop on one of my 3 favorite survey sites to complete a couple of surveys. I usually manage to get a couple done while watching The Fosters on Netflix.

But I know, I feel like more than anyone, that some survey sites are just not worth my time. My two hands aren’t enough to count how many survey platforms I joined. But I only need one hand to count how many were actually worth sticking with.

That’s an opinionated statement. However, rating surveys is kind of a black and white thing. What makes a good survey site boils down to:

  • The Payout Rate
  • Ways to Earn
  • When They Pay Their Members
  • Their Credibility

And since Pinecone Research is a more popular survey site, I’m going o answer a few questions about them for those who are wondering before they join, “Are they worth my time?”.

So, without further ado, here’s my Pinecone Research Review!

Pinecone Research- The Company

The name Pinecone Research might be new to your ears. But a more familiar name might be Nielsen, as in Nielsen Holdings Plc. (No, still no bells ringing?)

Well, Nielsen is a data collection firm that operates within 100 countries with nearly 44,000 employees worldwide. It is reported that n 2016 they made over $6 billion in revenue.

Their main focus is to collect data from worldwide consumers about our consumer behavior and our entertainment and media preferences. (They do so much more than this but just to keep it short…).

Pinecone Research is a child company of Nielsen that is dedicated to gathering this information from consumers in the form of surveys and product testing. Clients like Coca-Cola and Johnson&Johnson hire companies like Pinecone Research to conduct studies on their products. Involving consumers who are also participating in survey takers and product testers helps shape and mold the future of their products.

Pinecone Research is a trusted leader in voicing the opinions of consumers nationwide. Companies are seeking your input to develop new and improved products. By completing our online surveys, your opinions will directly influence tomorrow’s products today, AND you will be rewarded!

What Pinecone Research has to say about “who they are”.

Why Is Pinecone Research So Exclusive?

The way its told, Pinecone is an “invitation only” survey site. That means that you can only sign up with a special referral link from someone who’s already a member, or by an affiliate link. Either way, simply going to won’t get you to a signup form. But going here will ;).

The reason for their exclusiveness is due to their limited amount of surveys and product testing opportunities. And since everyone loves product testing and high paying surveys, it would be a lot harder to have $3 surveys available for everyone.

By not making signing up so easy, like other survey sites, it slows the number of people that they allow onto their panel. This way, they can pay out their members a lot more than the average survey site that allows anyone to join. (Which is why most survey sites pay a lot less.)

How Much Can You Make From Pinecone Research?

Pinecone is well known for its high paying surveys. With about $3 per survey and $6 for each product testing, Pinecone is one of the leading survey companies when it comes to payout rate.

It should be noted that once you join Pinecone Research, you’ll still have to take a qualification test to get survey and product testing opportunities. Once you pass them, you’ll then receive invitations to complete surveys and product testings.

How Do You Get Paid With Pinecone Research?

As a member of Pinecone, you’ll earn by points which will later be turned in for cash rewards.

Pinecone gives its members the choice of PayPal payments, bank deposits or a prepaid gift card in the amount that you earned. Typically a survey site will offer PayPal as the only cash option. But with so much talk about survey sites being a scam, new members often feel a little weird about giving out personal information.

With multiple options of payment, including a prepaid gift card, Pinecone strives to prove the legitimacy of their site. This is understandable considering that survey sites are often automatically labeled a scam.

How to Earn With Pinecone Research

As I mentioned earlier, you can make money with Pinecone in two ways- surveys and product testing.

Product Testing

Becoming a product tester is a highly sought out work from home opportunity. (Again, which is why pinecone is an “invitation only” site.) It means that you can get brand new products sent to your doorstep for you to try, evaluate and keep. With Pinecone, you also get paid to test the product along with keeping it for yourself.

Products can range from electronics to foods like a new chip that is getting ready to hit the shelves. Either way, Pinecone lets you know the product is yours to keep, as long as you give a full and honest opinion on the item.

Paid Surveys

Of course, you have your regular old paid survey site surveys. As reported, Pinecone pays its members $3 or more for their survey completion.

Like I mentioned before, you’ll have to qualify for the surveys they have. They’ll have questionnaires for you to fill out before you get to any paid surveys. Once you do, they’ll begin emailing you with new survey opportunities that they believe fit your profile.

Each survey typically takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Some may take longer or maybe quicker. Regardless, it’s very hard to find a survey site that pays an average of $3 each.

Note: Even though you get paid cash, your earnings are tracked by points. Every 1 point is equivalent to $0.01. So Every 100 is equal to $1.00.

Pinecone Research Q&A

It’s very common to have questions about a site like Pinecone, especially when they claim to give you money for your time and opinion. So I decided to put together a Q&A to the most asked questions about Pinecone Research.

Is Pinecone Research legit?

Yes, Pinecone Research is very legit. They’ve been established for years and have a strong reputation for paying out their members on time.

How do I join Pinecone Research?

You can sign up to Pinecone through an invitation link only. That means that either a friend can invite you by their special referral link or you must sign up through an affiliate link (like the ones you find in this post).

Does it cost to be a member of Pinecone?

Nope! It doesn’t cost you a single dime. The fact is that you aren’t required to make a payment of any sort within the site. It’s all about taking surveys, testing products and giving you money for it.

How long does it take to get paid?

After completing a survey, the payment will show up in your account in a few days, which is one of the fastest processing times ever for survey sites. For example, if you finish a 300 point (or $3) survey on Monday, you can expect to see your payment by Thursday.

Who can sign up for Pinecone?

Anyone can! As long as you’re at least 18 years of age and live in the United States.

It should be noted that there is only 1 account allowed per household to avoid potential scams and double payments. Even if there are two different people in the house, you can have only 1 account with one name on it.

Pros and Cons of Joining Pinecone Research

Everything has its pros and cons. Here are some of Pinecone’s, gathered by current members’ opinions.


  • High Paying Surveys

If you are a veteran survey taker, then you know that an average of $3 per survey is more than what most sites offer. Along with the $6 per product test, high earnings are easy with Pinecone.

  • Hardly any competition for surveys

Something that happens a lot with surveys is that the quota for a specific survey to be taken is filled very quickly by other members that got to it quicker than you. With fewer members than your regular survey platform, there’s a lot less competition for surveys.

  • Product testing opportunities

Not every site offers product testing as a feature on their site. And if they do have product testing, then its most likely not paid. Pinecone rewards their product testers with brand new free products and a $6 commission for every evaluation.

  • Get your payments quickly

You can expect to be paid out within 24 hours of completing a survey. And you’ll have your payment within 3 business days.

  • Multiple payment options

Between direct deposit, PayPal and a prepaid gift card there’s a convenient payment option for everyone.

  • Pinecone Sweepstakes

Pinecone holds weekly and quarterly sweepstakes for $500 and $4,500, respectively.


  • Not easy so easy to join

Unless someone has a member invite or affiliate link, the exclusiveness and the “invite-only” thing discourages people from wanting to sign up.

  • Doesn’t have an app

Having a mobile app makes taking surveys super easy for me. Unlike Swagbucks and InboxDollars, Pinecone doesn’t have its own app.

  • You can get banned from the site

It hardly happens, but every once in awhile Pinecone’s main demographic focus switches up. If their focus demographic switches up significantly, then some people might find themselves no longer a member of Pinecone, as they no longer fit the demographics Pinecone is looking for.

  • Screening out

Probably the worst thing about being a part of a survey platform is that sometimes you can go to take a survey, answer a few questions and get screened out. This either means that you didn’t fit the criteria that they were looking for in that particular survey. Or it could mean that they no longer needed you to take the survey. (You get points for trying though!)

For me, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. but it all depends on what you are looking for in a survey platform.

What’s My Takeaway on Pinecone Research?

My Pinecone Research Review is meant to give readers an idea of what they are walking into when wanting to join. With that said…

Pinecone Research is a legit survey company that offers members high paying opportunities to make extra money online and at home.

There aren’t any obligations to being a part of their platform and there aren’t any risks. You come out of Pinecone with a few extra bucks that can be used in any way you like!

Pinecone is the perfect side hustle for anyway who wants to make a few quick bucks without any complications.

In other words, they’re ok in my book!

Looking For Something More Permanent?

Become Your Own Boss

No Seriously! Work From Home On Your Own Time!

When it comes to making money I’ve gotten a little particular with how it comes. A few years ago I used to spend years on the internet doing surveys and other side hustles thinking that that was as good as it was going to get.

That was until push came to shove, and I had my two girls. Now I needed something more permanent and higher-paying than the side hustles I was doing. That’s when I started my own business.

With the right tools and a particular step-by-step guide on how to do it, I was able to get my business up and running in a matter of a month!

No selling, no advertising; I didn’t even have to talk to a single soul. Just me, my laptop and my Wi-Fi and before I knew it, I was paying bills with my business.

Becoming my own boss was a step I was hesitant to make at first. But now that I’m here, I can say that taking that first step was the best thing I could do for me and my girls!

Thanks for reading my Pinecone Research Review! If you have any opinions, advice or complaints about Pinecone, be sure to let other readers know in the comments down below!

Adaya Walker

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