Gift Wallet Review: Legit Rewards App? Or Total Scam?

You’ve found my Gift Wallet Review.

Gift Wallet Review

Our smartphones are one of the most essential tools in our every day life, if you ask me. These days, they seem to be able to do everything from counting your steps, monitoring your heartrate and even make money online.

You’ve probably heard that one a billion times, but hear me out. Because there is this cool app I found that lets users make money from doing small tasks. Tasks include watching videos, clicking on ads, taking surveys. You know, all the good stuff you’d find in apps like these.

Even though there are a ton of apps like that, some may be more worth your time than another. This all depends on user experience, task payout and just the overall trustworthiness of the site or app.

Today, in my Gift Wallet review, we’ll be going over the app. We’ll discuss the features they offer, ways to earn, payout methods and answer any popluar questions you might have about the app.

Let’s begin.

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Gift Wallet Review – What is It?

Gift Wallet is an Android and iOs app that lets users earn coins for doing small tasks. These coins will later be traded in for gift cards of some sort or PayPal cash.

The app is owned by a company called WellGain Tech, who are also creators of very similar apps like Gift Wallet. Companies pay WellGain Tech to gather information on consumers like us. In return for taking their surveys and engaging with their tasks, we receive a small part of their pay.

Who uses GIft Wallet?

Just about every kind of person uses Gift Wallet. It is especially useful for stay at home parents who could uses a little extra change in their spare time (if they ever find any). You could even be a college student looking for some extra spending money.

The thing about Gift Wallet is that its a leisure app. There aren’t any commitments involved with it. So you can really pull it up and play whenever, and only whenever, you feel like it.

It’s an app for Android so if you own a smartphone, more than likely you’ll be able to use it without any particular skills.

How Do You Join Gift Wallet?

The gift wallet app can be found in the Play Store on Android. Once you’ve downloaded the app, there’s nothing else to do but fill out the simple and quick registration form and begin earning.

How Does Gift Wallet Work?

Git Wallet is a super simple app to use. All you would have to do with Gift Wallet is complete the tasks they have for you in the app. These tasks include

  • watching videos
  • clicking on ads
  • browsing webpages
  • taking surveys
  • completing offers
  • and more…

How much you earn differs with each tasks, mostly depending on the time it takes to complete them.

You can also make money even while you aren’t on the app. When you refer your friends using your special refferal code, you’ll earn 30% of whatever points they earn. Just head over to the “Friends” tab on the front page of the app. You can share your code to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Message.

How to Make Money With Gift Wallet

You can rack up coins with the methods I mentioned above. On the front page will be a tab that says “Earn Points”. Once there, you’ll have access to all the ways you can earn on the app.

As reported from other sources you’ll only need $3 worth of coins to cash-out. That’s a comparatively low cash-out minimum when you think of similar apps and their higher thresholds.

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Gift Wallet Reviews

On the app store review section for Gift Wallet you’ll find reviews about the app, most of which are surprisingly positive. The complaints, even though they are few in comparison, are something to mention.

Usrs of the app complain that they are often not credited for their tasks. And also getting paid out seems to be a problem too.

Git Wallet does have a FAQ section addressing this issue, which leads me to believe that this is a common problem with their app.

But for the most part, the app is given a 4.6/5, which is really good, especially for apps in this niche.

Is Gift Wallet Legit?

Yes, it is. It’s an app that gives you the freedom to earn cash in your own time, with no contracts or obligation. They are also run by a company that has been around for a while now, which says a lot about its standing.

Like I said, it’s a good app for earning a few extra bcuks, but it definitely won’t replace your 9-5 or anything. However, if your are looking for something that does do that…

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Until then, thanks for reading my Gift Wallet Review.

Adaya Walker

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